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In the Suburbs of the journalism: about an arrested mayor and two threatened reporters

In towns like Pignataro Maggiore (Campania region – south of Italy) what protects dirty business is the inattention of central authorities and media. It is an inattention reserved to all suburban zones. It is absurd. Millions of Italians live in these zones, but there laws and rights are considered extras: authorities exercise them only occasionally. In little towns of few thousands of inhabitants such as Pignataro Maggiore, Pollina, Casal del Principe, Bagheria, Altofonte, Larino, Fondi, how enforce the law depends on the personal interpretation – I’d rather say a tribal interpretation – of local sovereigns: politicians, prominent entrepreneurs and crime bosses settled in the territory. It is sad to say, but it is true: journalists too are often lenient with this differentiated view of social standards and democracy. A representative’s behaviour which would be reported, hitting the headlines, in Rome, Naples, Milan or Palermo, in these suburban zones is completely ignored. Why? This is not only the fault of local journalists and their publishers, but also of the big newspapers and their publishers.

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