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Ex chief editor of the “Corriere della Sera” has been condemned for criticism to a magistrate

The engineer Angelo Tumino was killed in Ragusa in 1972, and the inquiry has been going nowhere. The reporter from the daily newspaper “L’Ora”, Giovanni Spampinato, who repeatedly pressed on the inquiring judiciary, was himself killed by a suspect on the engineer’s murder case.

The mysterious inquiry into the death of the engineer has been carried forward by unknown subjects, without reaching any conclusion. How has the judiciary behaved?

Paolo di Stefano, who criticized their work in a lengthy report published on the 1st June 2008 on the pages of the “Corriere della Sera”, has been charged of libel by the Court of Milan and was asked to pay a fine of 20 thousand euros for damages to Agostino Fera, the magistrate who headed the inquiry on the Tumino murder and the one who pressed charges. Paolo Mieli too, who was in 2008 the editor in chief of the “Corriere della Sera”, was charged of libel and fined. Mr. Fera, however, had asked for 350 thousand euros.

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