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Prato. Journalists and videoreporters attacked during a funeral

Sara Bessi and Maria Serena Quercioli, two reporters from the Prato office of the tuscan daily “La Nazione” have been attacked outside the mortuary chamber set up in Poggio a Caiano, near Prato, in the wake of the funerals of Franco Lori, an 11-year-old boy who died during a parish trip on Mount Calvana.

The journalists were attacked by the mother of the boy and other relatives. The video operators too have been attacked and were forced to seek shelter in the surrounding houses. Some time before, on the deceased boy’s balcony, a sign was shown on which it was written: “ Fifth Commandment: do not kill”. The newsroom committee of “La Nazione” and the Order of Journalists of Tuscany have expressed solidarity with the two reporters.

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