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Radio Siani. Intrusions of the Camorra; provocations and a hijacked car

There are no doubts that it has been an act of provocation: last week, the funerary parade for Giovanni Birra, a local camorra clan boss, stopped in front of the web radio Radio Siani’s offices. The very same offices which were confiscated from the boss, and which have virtually been a fort under siege for the past three years

It is one more episode of intolerance against the volunteers of the anti-camorra radio. On the 21st of April, a man with ties to the clan broke in the studios. On June 28th the journalist Amalia De Simone, director of Radio Siani, has revealed to the Parliamentary Committee on Anti-mafia affairs that her car had been tampered.

“One day, Amalia De Simone said to Ossigeno, I brought my car to my trusted mechanic for a regular control and to check tyres. The mechanic made me notice that all four wheels were not just worn down, but that all borders had been chipped away with a sharp edge. In such conditions, tyres were viable to explode easily while driving. I went to the Carabinieri and denounced the fact. One other time, I found the tyres already flattened.”

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