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Calabria. Mayor offends the journalist who criticizes him. The journalist charges him with libel

Giovanni Verducci did write an article on citizens’ protests against the construction of a coal plant in Saline Joniche. The mayor did not approve and sent an accusatory email circulated to managers and owners of the “Giornale di Calabria” accusing the journalist to be imprecise and to be partial to the protesters. The reporter took these accusations as false and outrageous.

OSSIGENO – Reggio Calabria, July 14, 2012 – After many journalists have been sued by angry and offended mayors, this time it was a journalist who accused a mayor for libel. It happens in Calabria, a land of easy intimidations and home to many courageous reporters. Giovanni Verducci, senior editor of the Quotidiano della Calabria in Reggio Calabria, has sued the mayor of Montebello Jonico (RC) denouncing the attempt to disqualify him against his own newspaper. In addition to criticism, the mayor Guarna has made accusations that the journalist called false and offensive. The mayor wrote that Verducci “lacks the professionalism and independence of mind to be able to write about these topics.”

The secretary of the union of journalists of Calabria Carlo Parisi commented: “The story repeats the bad habit of politicians to discredit journalists by contacting editors and newspaper owners and threaten the supposed harm to image.”


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