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Ex chief editor of L’Unità reveals: “I was threatened three years ago”

“-We know where your son sleeps-, they wrote on my house wall”, Concita de Gregorio said publicly three years after the event. Ms De Gregorio, who has held the post of chief editor of L’Unità until 2011, has also revealed that “it is very true, just as Ossigeno says: threats to journalists are more common than what can actually be recorded, for quite often threatened journalists do not want to reveal anything. Some motivate threats on fear, as well as for other reasons. I for one decided not to go public immediately so as not to thrust attention on those who had written such things; I didn’t want to play their game. One day, in Rome, on the outer wall surrounding the building where I live, right under the window of my youngest son’s bedroom, a big writing threatened: -we know where your son lives-. They had issues with me, and I imagined why. In those days the newspaper was publishing an inquiry into the far-right group Forza Nuova, which was being politically lured by Berlusconi’s party so as to be included in the electoral cartels of the centre-right: as it then happened. I had the impression that threats came from that direction. I called that movement’s leader, who obviously denied vigorously any responsibility. I then went immediately to the police, although I didn’t desire to go public. I did not want to act as loudspeaker. Quite often who perpetrates such menacing acts is above all seeking visibility”.

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