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Lazio. Kicks and punches. Journalist attacked by neo-fascist leader.

Four militants of the far right group, Casapound, were involved in the beating minimized the event: “So much fuss for just a slap!”.

Wave of protests and solidarity with the journalist.

OSSIGENO – Rome, July 14, 2012 – The journalist Filippo Rossi, director of the online newspaper Il Futurista, close to the political movement which is lead by the speaker for the House of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, was assaulted with fists and kicks in the night between Friday 13 and Saturday 14 July by leaders and militants of the ultra-right group Casapound. It  happened in Viterbo, where the journalist was engaged in public meetings for the event “Caffeine Culture”, of which he is the mastermind and curator. Smith was attacked after one o’clock in the building that houses the secretariat of the cultural event, where he was with other people. “So much fuss for just a slap,” was what the assailant commented.

This dramatic episode confirms a growing climate of intolerance towards those who profess freely their ideas and to the journalists who report the news. In Italy, in the beginning of 2012,  episodes of severe intimidation and intolerance have involved more than two hundred journalists.

Last year over three hundred journalists were victims of such episodes, and Lazio is one of the most offended regions.

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