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Naples. Chronicler threatened by mafia has boss condemned. It will restart from the appeals’ court the case which has made history

Annalisa Durante was a girl of 14 years old. She was accidentally killed in a shootout between the Camorra in Naples. The parents of the murderer threatened to kill the journalist Arnaldo Capezzuto because he was reporting how the witnesses were under the murderer’s threats.

The first hearing lasted twenty minutes the at the Appeals’ Court for Luigi Giuliano and Carmela De Rosa, already convicted in the first degree, 19 July 2009, for two years and six months imprisonment for private violence against the journalist Arnaldo Capezzuto, to whom death threats were made.

The defendants are the parents of Salvatore Giuliano, in turn already convicted for the murder of Annalisa Durante, a 14 year old girl killed during a shootout in the streets in the popular Forcella neighbourhood of Naples. The girl was killed on March 27, 2004.

In 2009, the Court allowed Capezzuto a 10 000 euro reimbursement for damages, and 25 000 euro to the Order of Journalists of Campania. The hearing was held on 14 June. The next meeting is scheduled on October 3. The defendants were not present. The judge accepted the plaintiff threatened the journalist, defended by Cesare Amodio, and the Order of Journalists of Campania, represented by the President of the Order of Lawyers of Campania, Francesco Caia, and the solicitor Pino Vitiello.

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