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Paper receives threatening letter with bullet and photos of the editor

MILAN – The northern Italian weekly newspaper “Altomilanese”, whose young reporter Ester Castano was recently threatened and then awarded for its investigative journalism into mafia infiltration in the region, received a threatening letter on Friday.
The envelope also contained a 9 mm bullet, a photo of the newspaper editor, the journalist Ersilio Mattioni, as well as a photo of an organized crime fighter who was identified as Giampiero Sebri. He is in the western Milan the promoter of the “Carovana Antimafia”, the road exhibition against organized crime that every year pass through many italian cities.
The local newspaper ‘Altomilanese’ is based ten chilometers away from the Italian business capital Milan.
One of the journalists working at the paper, Ester Castano, 22 y.o., was recently awarded in Milan with the “Premiolino” prize and then she told live her story at a conference hosted inside the parliament palace in Rome, together with three more journalist women threatned by mafia or others.
The news was reported by ‘Ossigeno per l’Informazione’, the observatory on threatened journalists in Italy founded by FNSI and Ordine dei Giornalisti. The Ossigeno’s meter reports 308 journalist threatened this year in Italy, more then 10 per cent of them works in the Lombardia Region, whose capital is Milan. The peak is around Neaples, with more then one hundred of journalist threatened.

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