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Facebook Group Calls Boycott on Book About Women Committed to Fight Against the ‘Ndrangheta

MILAN – “Do not buy it, it’s full of lies” are the words published by Occupy Monasterace, a Facebook group active for some time, on the social network’s page of the publisher  Laterza referring to the book L’Italia Quaggiù (Italy down here) by Goffredo Buccini (Calabria reporter for the national daily Corriere della Sera) and dedicated to Maria Carmela Lanzetta, mayor of Monasterace, a town near Reggio Calabria, and other women who have bravely sided against the ‘ndrangheta and as such have been threatened. Occupy Monasterace accuses the publisher and the author of the book of criticizing an episode of protest against Ms. Lanzetta, who supposedly denigrated “the Calabrian town for her personal interest.”  The group also asked the publisher to withdraw the book from the market. If the request is denied, the group will resort to the judicial authorities.
Ms. Maria Carmela Lanzetta, mayor of Monasterace, like other women involved in politics, has fought the ‘ndrangheta on the front line, and has thus suffered several attacks and been forced to resort to police protection. Her example has inspired women belonging to families of the ‘ndrangheta to cooperate with justice. Among them: Lea Garofalo, Maria Concetta Cacciola and Giuseppina Pesce.
As Buccini told Ossigeno: “Ms. Lanzetta is the thread that connects these two worlds. And who attacks the book without even reading it is turning the other way, simplistically, and offends the courageous women of his land.” The book tells of the commitment from the very first day shown by Ms. Lanzetta in the fight against the mafia. “She did try ferociously to combat crime the first time she took office, throwing out of the technical office the builders who sat at employees’ desks expecting ready-made orders. She did try even by defending the women working in the flower greenhouses, starved by masters who left them without pay.”

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