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Regional Elections: Lazio, Tense Climate between Candidates and Journalists

ROME – The election campaign for the parliamentary elections has heated relations between politicians and journalists. Some candidates, in fact, have ostentatiously refused to answer uncomfortable, legitimate, questions asked by reporters.
On January 25, in the theater Capranica of Rome, two candidates of the People of Freedom party (PdL), Mr. Denis Verdini and Mr. Renato Brunetta, did not respond to questions from two reporters from La7.
Mr. Verdini, national coordinator of the PdL, was interviewed on his relationship with the entrepreneur Mr. Riccardo Fusi, with whom Mr. Verdini shared an involvement in the investigation on procurements tied to the G8 – investigation from which both were acquitted – and an investigation into the failing procedures of the Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino of which Mr. Verdini himself was president. He has thus refused to reply to the reporter, and stigmatized the questions as “inappropriate”.
Similarly the former government minister Mr. Renato Brunetta, interviewed by a journalist from the TV program ‘Servizio Pubblico’, replied by asking what were the professional gains made by Mr. Michele Santoro (director of the program).
Mr. Augusto Minzolini, former editor of the TG1 and now a candidate to the Senate with the PdL in Liguria, has launched a series of invectives and insults from his Twitter account, prompting the social network to suspend his profile.
Tense pre-election climate but not just in Rome: at the court of Latina journalists waiting to know the names of the candidates in the room in which the electoral rolls are deposited, have been taken out without explanation.
In Siena, a paradoxical order has banned journalists to access to the upper floors of the Palace of Justice, where investigators are working on the Monte dei Paschi case, which supposedly tarnishes some members of the Democratic Party (PD). The official explanation is that the structure is “too old”. After the protest of the Order of Journalists, the measure has been partially withdrawn.

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