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Rsf Report on Press Freedom. Why Italy Stood in 57th Place Out of 179 Countries

Rome – In Italy, the freedom of the press continues to be “partial” due to limitations by poor legislation on the matter, such as the use of gag laws and libel as criminal offenses for which prison is prescribed. This is what emerges from the latest report by ‘Reporters Sans Frontieres’ on “Press Freedom” in the world, published on January 30, 2013.
According to the annual report and in comparison with previous years, Italy stood in 57th place out of 179 countries, behind Niger, Botswana and other African countries. At the top stands Finland (country now established as the most respectful of press freedom), followed by the Netherlands and Norway.
The leaders of the national bodies of Journalists found the 57th place to be a small step forward but not a result to be proud of. The country – in their view – is a far cry from most Western European democracies, where the problems to be solved concern: the rules on conflict of interest, the inadequacy of antitrust enforcement, the decriminalization of defamation, the repeated attempts to limit freedom of the press, as the too many legal quibbles that result in gag-laws.
>As sector experts added, a thorough reform of the system of information in Italy is necessary and urgent for it to be more consistent with the Constitution and for the full development of democracy: “To change this state of affairs there must be a clear commitment from every candidate which will govern the country.”

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