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Elections: Candidate Threatens RAI Journalists on Facebook

According to Diego Righini, candidate for the Lower House for the center-right party MIR (Moderates In Revolution), which is in the coalition with the PDL and is led by Giampiero Samorì, the public network Raidue in the program L’Ultima Parola (The Last Word) on February 16 presented “a shameful service on MIR”. The candidate, who has not been elected, reacted on Facebook by insulting the journalist responsible for the report, Ms. Monica Raucci, publishing on the web her picture and her mobile phone number. The reporter denounced Mr. Righini for violating the norms on privacy.
In the service challenged by Righini the reporter interviews participants at an electioneering dinner organized by the MIR. And respondents replied that they do not know the name of the movement of which they were guests, nor the candidate. The union of journalists and OSSIGENO have expressed solidarity with Ms. Monica Raucci.

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