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Grillo Accuses Italian Media of Attacks. Industry’s Assault. Are ‘Disconcerting, Pathological, Sick’, Says

GrilloOSSIGENO – Rome, March 14, 2013 – Former comedian Beppe Grillo, whose 5-Star Movement (M5S) emerged as the kingmaker in inconclusive February 24-25 Italian national elections – on Thursday took swipes at Italy’s media industry, saying that attacks against his movement had “passed limits never before seen in the history of the Republic”.  The mediàs attacks against M5S were “disconcerting, pathological, sick (and) monstrous (and) were getting out of the control of their instigators,” Grillo said in his blog, the main channel he uses to communicate with his fans, and now voters.
In particular, Grillo singled out the mediàs “crazed assault on the Universo Hotel in Rome” where newly elected M5S deputies gathered Monday as something which was “no longer information, but continuous contempt, defamation, attacks – even physical – against a new, incorrupt and peaceful political force”.  Separately, in his blog Grillo also called for a breakup of Italian state-owned television RAI and for new regulations on private broadcasters. RAI should sell off two of its three main free-to-air channels, he said. “It is indispensable to create only one public television broadcaster, without any ties to the parties and politics and free of advertising. The other two can be sold to the market”.   Commenting on the country’s private broadcasters – the mainthree of which are owned by former premier Silvio Berlusconi, head of the People of Freedoms (PdL) party – Grillo said: “It is necessary to also review private broadcasters’ concession contracts and create a code of conduct to which they must adhere”.

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