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Naples. Threatened with Death Editor and Guests of the TV Program Denouncing the Camorra

Minacce Metropolis TVOSSIGENO – Naples, March 14, 2013 – The journalist Giovanni Taranto, editor of local TV Metropolis TV, has been threatened with death by the camorra with an anonymous letter sent by mail to the editor. Inside the envelope, arrived last March 12, there were two 7.65 caliber bullets and a message of insults and threats. The offices of Metropolis TV and of the newspaper wih the same name are located in Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples, in the area of Vesuvius, where there is a strong influence of the Camorra.
The clan of organized crime want to force Metropolis’ journalists to stop the weekly tv program of investigation and denunciation of organized crime that Giovanni Taranto is the autor and the anchor man. They were threatened also the guests of the program, among which there are judges and members of the police. At Metropolis there are 40 working journalists. In the past, the some journalist and his newspaper have already experienced other threats of the Camorra. In 2011 the clan for a day prevented the sale of the newspaper in the kiosks, because it contained an unwelcome news. Journalists have dismissed threats by ensuring that they will not stop. Many messages of solidarity. Oxygen recalled that the Campania, the region around Naples, is the one in which there are more threatened journalists in Italy: one third of the total. In 2012, there were 109 of 325 under threat throughout Italy

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