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After the theft of his movies Mr Iacuelli tell: I’ve hindered and interfered some “camorra’s clan affair

AVELLINO – Alessandro Iacuelli told to Ossigeno in his own words what is happening to him:

On march 14, 2013, some unknown people (one or two), entered my home breaking an external window. They have taken out a lot of electronic and computer-related materials: laptop computer, digital audio recorder, digital video tapes, external hard disks, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and USB pen drive. They haven’t stolen a reflex and a video camera located at my home, but only material with electronic data registered on.

I work as journalist, writer and video maker, since 2003, on the theme of “ecomafie” and environmental crime in Southern Italy, expecially around Napoli e Caserta. My work walk on two roadmaps: investigation on the territory (location of illegal industrial waste repositories) and divulgation of results.

The perpetrators stolen all my archive of informations, writings, photos and video, data from chemical analysis on waters and terrain, data about population’s health. They haven’t encountered me, or threatened me. I’m at home alone, normally, and often I come out for just one or two hours: on march 14, I’ve traveled from Avellino to Napoli (about 50 Km) with a public bus, so they noticed my absence for more time. I live alone, so if they want hurt me, they have a lot of chance. So, I think this is not a material attack on my personal safety.
Their intention was to get hold of all the information that I have collected over the years. This is the motive. At the moment, the investigation is carried out by the Carabinieri, they have not yet provided me with any development.

The identity: I’ve hindered and interfered some camorra’s clan, around Napoli and Caserta; at the moment, I’m walking around, talking to people, continuing my investigation, and I’ve uncovered a particular interest about my work, from a lot of people in the zone of Nola and San Vitaliano (near Napoli). People involved in a lot of affairs about toxic waste traffic in Southern Italy. I’ve warned local Carabinieri about these rumors.

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