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OSCE urges Italy to acts, too many journalists attacked and intimidated

OSCE media freedom representative condemns sending of parcel bomb to Italian newspaper and  says: “It is a worrying trend that needs to be promptly addressed by the Italian authorities”

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatović, condemned today the sending of a parcel bomb to the Turin-based headquarters of the daily newspaper La Stampa.

“All threats to media outlets represent direct threats to media freedom. I welcome the immediate launch of an investigation into this matter, as well as the broad show of political and collegial support for the newspaper and the principles of media freedom”, Mijatović said, referring to the statement offered by all major Italian political parties, journalist unions, as well as Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in response to the attack.

“Regrettably, the event at ‘La Stampa’ is only the latest in a string of cases where journalists have been attacked and intimidated in Italy. It is a worrying trend that needs to be promptly addressed by the Italian authorities. Threats to the media can never be tolerated and authorities should spare no effort in fighting these cases”, Mijatović concluded.

Recent cases of concern in Italy monitored by the Representative include a threatening letter containing bullets addressed to the daily newspaper Altomilanese in December 2012 and the burglary last month of the home of independent journalist Alessandro Iacuelli, who has reported on mafia involvement in waste disposal in southern Italy, where journalistic material was stolen.

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