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Italy. The house of a correspondent burned to ground

Sassari. The house of a correspondent from ‘La Nuova Sardegna’ Mr. Emidio Muroni was burned to ground. 90 thousand euros of damage

In Bonorva (Sassari), there has been an arson attack on the country house of Mr. Emidio Muroni, 71, a journalist and retired teacher who for many years had been a correspondent for the daily ‘La Nuova Sardegna’. The damage amounted to about 90 thousand euros. The police do not rule out the motive of threat or retaliation related to the journalistic activity of Mr. Muroni, which saw him reporting on local news.
In the manifestations of solidarity with the journalist coming from the FNSI, the regional professional bodies, as well as the President of the Province, it was stressed how the seriousness of such intimidations is affecting the freedom of information.

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