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Puglia. Regional Councilor insults reporter during official session

Mr. Giannicola De Leonardis has criticized offensively Mr. Massimiliano Scagliarini, journalist for the ‘Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno’

BARI – Trying to recount the backstage handling of politics, especially when these are concerned with the process of passing ad hoc laws that ensure economic benefits to politicians, raises frantic reactions tinged with outright intimidation. A situation proved by what has happened in Puglia, where the during the meeting of Regional Council on Friday, May 3 Mr. Giannicola De Leonardis (of the centrist UDC) has criticized offensively Mr. Massimiliano Scagliarini, journalist for the ‘Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno’.

Mr. Scagliarini reconstructed for his readers the process through which the Region deleted a provision that had been approved on April 3. The reporter was accused of “assault journalism with a very low profile”, “writing garbage whose only result is to amplify a generalized hatred that can only lead to a crisis which is clearly not a worry for such characters in search of identity and visibility.”

The provision, initially approved and then cancelled by the Regional Council, would have allowed regional councilors to pay social security contributions in the current legislature entitled for reimbursements. This would have guaranteed that those councilors elected for the first time had access to the vitalizio (lifelong compensation schemes), and that those who served for more than one term could increase their stipend of up to a maximum of €9.724 gross per month. “Furthermore, Mr. Scagliarini added, the law would have allowed the full-term’s redemption even if the regional council were to be dissolved in advance.”

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