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Troupe of popular TV program assaulted while was shooting

We are attacked while they were shooting a training session at a dog training center using an illegal electric collars

VICENZA – On 15 May, Edoardo Stoppa, correspondent of the famous Italian TV program ‘Striscia la Notizia’ who defends the rights of the animals, was attacked in Breganze, in the province of Vicenza.

Were also attacked two other members of the TV troupe while they were shooting a training session at a dog training center. The report aired Sunday 13 May and showed how the center used illegal electric collars to train the dogs.

The dog trainer, a 46-year-old man, kicked Stoppa and his co-workers after denying that he used the torturing instruments and demanding that they turn off the cameras. The man was stopped by the Carabinieri, who were present at the moment of the aggression and who informed the Prosecutor’s Office of Vicenza, which opened a formal investigation.

Stoppa and his colleagues were treated at the hospital and should recover in about 10. The Carabinieri seized an electric collar with a remote control and an iron collar with studs found on a dog that had just completed the training. The President of the Regional Council, Luca Zaia, publically expressed solidarity with the reporter and his co-workers, together with the special commissioner of the province of Vicenza and the Euro MP Andrea Zanoni.

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