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A town councillor insults the local press: “villains”

Whose fault is it when buildings collapse? Carlo Iannello has accused Neapolitan journalists of not doing their job, of ignoring facts and relevant news. The Order of Journalists and the National Federation of Italian Press insisted: “Do not insult the reporters”

NAPLES – During a sitting of the town council of the last 8 March, Carlo Iannello, the town councillor of Naples and representative of the political group Ricostruzione Democratica (Democratic Reconstruction), accused the local press of holding on to “non-news” by ignoring facts and events which concern the population and the city.
“Such dirty politics have been supported by a professional class of villains who were definitely helped by an irresponsible press which is not doing its own duty”, Iannello claimed. He is alluding to repeated warnings of experts and researchers who revealed possible fails in the foundations of various buildings nearby the construction site of an underground railroad. Such news of the last few years were omitted by the press.
The public accusation of Iannello caused a resentful reaction of the Order of Journalists from Campania and of the National Press Federation, according to which Iannello “used charges as a pretext against the press” during the town council “instead of managing the problems of a city that elected him as its representative”.

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