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Bari Football Club: hooligans attack two journalists and call them “jackals”

An offensive banner shown with their names on it. Targeted for their articles on the selling of the team

On the bridge of Corso Cavour, in the night between 4 and 5 June, an offensive banner was hanged up against two sports reporters, Antonio Guido and Franco Cirici, with the writing: “Guido and Cirici jackals”, signed F.L., the initials of a group of hooligans of Bari Football Club.

The two reporters were targeted because of some articles on the change of the team’s property published on their newspapers: Franco Cirici on the Gazzetta dello Sport and Antonio Guido on the Corriere dello Sport. The negotiations to sell the team between the Matarrese family and La Nuova Meridionale Grigliati Srl had started in May, in strict secrecy.

The Apulian syndicate of Journalists reacted to the news by standing out for the reporters. The syndicate asked the authorities to identify the authors of the fact.

In 2012 three journalists in Bari, Giuliano Foschini and Marco Mensurati of the Repubblica and Enzo Magistà, editor in chief of ‘Telenorba’ were threatened with death. They had revealed that some hooligans’ chiefs, then arrested, threatened the team players who refused to cheat in the championship matches.

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