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Genoa Football Club: president assaults journalist

Journalist and cameraman Valerio Arrichiello and his colleague of the Secolo XIX Dario Freccero ha been assaulted by the President of Genoa Football Club

The episode happened on 3 June in Lido di Pegli square: journalist and cameraman Valerio Arrichiello and his colleague of the Secolo XIX Dario Freccero were waiting for the President of Genoa Football Club Enrico Preziosi, out of the restaurant where he was having lunch, to make him some questions. But as Preziosi went out and saw them, he enraged. He threatened the journalists and then kicked and slapped the cameraman taking the camera away from him and throwing it to ground. Later Preziosi apologized saying that he is ready to repay the camera.

The newspaper’s staff committee of the Secolo XIX stood out for the journalist while President of the Press Federation Franco Siddi said: “This is a reprimanding behavior which must be condemned everywhere” and asked the Football Disciplinary Authority to punish Preziosi.

“In this country – says director of Ossigeno per l’Informazione Alberto Spampinato – attacks journalists have become a common trend. Ossigeno already counted 170 threatened or assaulted journalists since the beginning of the year. Until when those who treat badly news professionals will be tolerated and not punished with the right severity? Few days ago, the President of Grosseto Football Club was brought before the Disciplinary Authority by the federal prosecutor for hindering the right to inform”.

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