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In Imperia, the financial police leaves out the names of those arrested for collaborations with the mafia. The reporters protested

The “Gruppo Cronisti Liguri” (the Group of Ligurian Reporters ) protested against the decision of the financial police to keep secret the names of those arrested for being part of a mafia group

The police and the Prosecutor’s Offices have no right of censuring the names of persons under arrest, as the Group of Ligurian Reporters of the Unci (National Union of Italian Reporters) replied to a press release of the financial police of Imperia. Such press release failed to report the names or the initials of the people arrested on April 16, 2013 on charges of fraudulent bankruptcy and public nuisance and who were also accused of being part of a criminal group connected to the fugitive mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro (one of the most wanted criminals in the world).
Their names, however, were found out and published by the newspapers. “Nobody is more or less worthy of preventive detention”, wrote in a note the Ligurian Reporters. “Once again it has been attempted to provide partial information (names have been published anyway), the Reporters continue, proving that similar situations that undermine free information and their category had already been encountered in the past.

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