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Leaflet against journalists in demonstration in Florence

No photos and a threat against reporters: “You are not welcome, stay away from us”. Condemnation from the president of the Tuscany Press Association

FLORENCE – “If you are a journalist or work for them, you are not welcome, stay away from us”. That is the warning on leaflets handed out during a demonstration of anarchists in Florence last 18 May. A no-camera sign was also drawn on it, with a caption saying “Don’t take photos. This is not a shop window. (…) Your photos could be used by journalists and police forces, always against you and your friends”. Dozens of protesters joined the demonstration organized against police forces after the deaths, in January and February 2012, of two immigrants in the detention cell of a Florence police station. “We cannot but firmly condemn,” said Paolo Ciampi, president of the Tuscany Press Association, “those who try to deny the right to inform, whatever their political beliefs. It’s one thing to demand accuracy and truthfulness from those who tell the facts, it’s something else to prevent the facts from being told”.

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