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Protest reported against publisher of Il Messaggero

Rome – Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, publisher of the newspaper ‘Il Messaggero’, was the target of several demonstrations in April in Rome.

Protesters were claiming their right to housing who justified occupying several buildings owned by Caltagirone and showed signs with threats against the newspaper’s staff.

These demonstrations are considered “acts of intimidation against the work and the independence of the journalists of ‘Il Messaggero’” as reported on the front page of the newspaper on 25 April, making special reference to three episodes: one targeting the publisher and the other two addressed to the newspaper’s office.

These acts, reports ‘Il Messaggero’, “aim at hampering the free expression of our journalists, hindering their autonomy to inform and to express their opinion”. Various institutions showed solidarity with ‘Il Messaggero’.

“’Ossigeno per l’Informazione’,” declared editor in chief Alberto Spampinato, supports the journalists of ‘Il Messaggero’ and asks those who criticize the publishing line of the newspaper to do it through the proper forms of a democracy and a state of right, suggesting adjustments and corrections and avoiding any action which could possibly seem intimidating”.

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