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Ravenna – A false dietician is condemned for harassment He had brought accusation against a journalist

The action for libel which followed the journalists’ article started a judicial enquiry for sexual harassment which ended up with the harasser’s conviction

On March 5, 2013, 60-years-old Roberto Ranieri, native from Brindisi and resident in Forlì was condemned by the criminal court of Ravenna for abusive practice of dietetics and physiotherapy but also for sexual abuse on at least seven women. He has been inflicted six years and four months of confinement plus an indemnity of 3.000 euros and 3.000 euros more for legal charges to be reimbursed to the only patient who sued for damages; in addition he has been disqualified for holding public office for life.
The judicial enquiry started due to an article by Anna Budini, correspondent from Cervia and Cesenatico for the newspaper “La Voce”. The journalist had interviewed among others a patient which described the questionable touch of a man that visited her as a dietician and physiotherapist. Since the man sued at law the journalist, Public Prosecutor Angela Scorza proposed to record the libel suit and opened a file to investigate the alleged sexual abuse. It has been assessed that on May 16, 2012, Roberto Ranieri had already been put under house arrest for facts that took place between 2009 and 2011 but he kept practising as a physiotherapist and dietician since 2001, when he abused a 16-years-old patient.

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