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Rome to be a city of information, promises candidate for mayor

Ignazio Marino (Democratic Party’s) mentions “Ossigeno” and talks about threatened and killed journalists. 
ROME – “Rome is a city of rights and will also be the city of the right and duty of information, of complete, proper and respectful information,” said Ignazio Marino, the centre-left Democratic Party’s candidate for mayor of Rome, clearly signalling a willingness to break from the current administration by making every act transparent and public.
“The freedom of information, guaranteed by our Constitution, is one of the pillars of democracy and it is a fundamental right of our country,” Marino said. “I am well aware that so many news professionals have lost their lives defending this right, from Beppe Alfano to Carlo Casalegno, from Walter Tobagi to Miran Hrovatin, from Giovanni Spampinato to Ilaria Alpi. The association Ossigeno per l’Informazione works to keep alive the memory of those who risk their lives to inform. An Information House – according to Marino – could represent a space for democracy and development open to everyone: to news professionals and users, to young people and schools, to foreigners and new Italians, to those who do not find a place in the media to express their own voice”.

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