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Suspected firing for refusing preemptive censorship

The story of journalist Antonio Leoni, who was fired at the beginning of April in Cremona, raises many questions.  

CREMONA – ‘Ossigeno’ gathered two different versions, while the reporter refuses to talk about it. Some sources say that in Cremona journalists must be careful not to touch the interests of the local association of farmers called “Libera”, which has a media monopoly.

Antonio Leoni was the editor in chief of the weekly periodical ‘Mondo Padano’ and was fired allegedly for having revealed that the financial police are investigating PubliAeventi, a firm owned by the Publishing Society of Cremona controlled by Libera, because it failed to properly record one hundred thousand euros received from the City Council last summer for organizing a festival.

Another source affirms that Leoni was fired because he refused to allow the publisher the right to approve each issue before it is printed. The case is now being examined by the Order of Journalists of Lombardy.

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