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Troupe attacked in Padova at China Wholesale Center

In Padova by a group of about 20 people. Were shooting for the TV program Le Iene (“Reservoir Dogs”)

PADOVA – Last 17 April at the China Wholesale Center, reporter Luigi Pelazza along with a cameraman and television writer, were punched and kicked, and their camera was taken from them and destroyed. The three journalists received light wounds and abrasions.

In March 2013, ‘Le Iene’ started an inquiry about the China Wholesale Center and sent two actors to buy ten toys at the center: seven of them contained traces of chemical compounds which, according to some studies, could harm fertility.

So ‘Le Iene’ staff came back to the center, where they were assaulted and beaten up. “We run a high risk,” says Pelazza. “I was also afraid of being stabbed”. Carabinieri arrived at the scene and arrested four aggressors – three men and a woman – for duress and assault.

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