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Calabria. Newsroom front door burned in Crotone

Arson, firefighters say. The journalist Antonio Gaetano stated: “We publish light news.” Solidarity from journalists and politicians

Sunday, July 20th, at about 10:30 pm the front door of a building is burning. Inside are the newsrooms of four local newspapers: “Il Kro”, “Il Rossoblù”, “Per Lavorare” and “Crotone Ok”, belonging to the publishing company “Briefing”.

The episode took place in Crotone, a town in the southern Italian region of Calabria. Firefighters intervened to put out the fire and suspect arson. The fire caused damage to the building entrance. Police are investigating to find those responsible.

The journalist Antonio Gaetano, 47, editor and owner of the newspapers, cannot explain what happened. “My newspapers publish only soft news, there are no investigations or news revealing some kind of unutterable behind-the-scenes activity,” Antonio said.

“The Kro”, a weekly newspaper of classified ads, is distributed free of charge in public places and sold on newsstands, and is one of the oldest newspapers in the area, published for 21 years. The other three newspapers of the group are the sports weekly “Il Rossoblù” (18 years old), which focuses on the local football club; “Per Lavorare” (15 years old) publishing job ads; and “Crotone Ok” (12 years old).

Numerous statements of solidarity have been expressed. From the world of journalists, the first statement came from Carlo Parisi, secretary of the union of journalists of Calabria and vice secretary of the Italian National Federation of the Press, and Ossigeno per l’Informazione, who expressed “‘full and unwavering solidarity” to the editor. From the political class, the first declaration was issued by Salvatore Pacenza, president of the Health Commission of the Regional Council of Calabria, who expressed “sympathy and support to the editor and the journalists of the newspapers”.

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