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Malas Noticias. Ossigeno speaks Spanish

The weekly newsletter in Spanish will be added to Bad News in English. Soon a newsletter in French

From this week the observatory Ossigeno per l’Informazione spreads Malas Noticias, a Spanish-language newsletter with a review of the most relevant news about the threatened journalists in Italy. It adds to the weekly newsletter in English Ossigeno Bad News which has been circulated since July 2012.

These news come from the need to compare the Italian problems with those in countries like Italy, in which there is the most absolute freedom of information, but in fact freedom is not free, is limited by abuse and violence. In the vast Spanish-speaking world there are countries where it occurs worse. But we speak especially to those who claim the freedom with new laws, with liberal constitutions or simply dream of it.

Who will follow this news will see that is not enough to subscribe to the principle of freedom of expression in the Constitution if we do not actively punish those who are obstructing that principle.  In Italy this happens very often. We want to help everyone to find out what is really happening and why. The readers of Malas Noticias, like those of Bad News, can read news little known even in Italy, because in Italy they circulate not in a good way.

Malas Noticias it’s a great satisfaction for this small observatory that makes the news and translations through volunteering.

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