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Ardea (Rome): Car of blogger and ex –Carabinieri chief set on fire

An act of intimidation against Walter Giustini. The investigations are looking for motives unrelated to his blogging or past. He says: “I feel betrayed by my country”

The car of blogger and ex -chief of the Carabinieri Walter Giustini was set on fire at about 3:30 am on 2 October in Ardea, near Rome. It was parked in front of his house. The fire was stopped by the firemen of Pomezia, which arrived with the police a few minutes later.

“I was expecting it. I had also toldfthe journalist Luigi Centore when his car was set on fire: it will be my turn in a few months,” Giustini told Ossigeno.
When he retired from the Carabinieri in 2004 for medical reasons, after working in the anti-mafia team in the period of the massacres, the ex-chief of the Carabinieri station of Ardea-Tor San Lorenzo became the editor of a blog focusing on the problems in the area where he lives. He reported some time ago on the lack of municipal controls on some commercial activities in the Salzare neighborhood. This is the same issue that journalist Luigi Centore was focusing on when he became a target of three incendiary attacks: one on his car, one on his brother’s car and one on his nephew’s car.

“I started writing this blog because I would love to spread a little legality in our country. I try to put the local problems in the light of public opinion”, explains Giustini. “I was expecting this intimidating attack because like Luigi Centore I’ve deeply investigated the issue of the Salzare neighborhood”, he continues.
In Ardea some other incendiary acts were committed against politicians and local administrators: a year ago the city’s technical office was set on fire, then at the beginning of 2013, the president of the municipal council, Massimiliano Giordani, the mayor, Luca di Fiori, and of the municipal counselor, Franco Marcucci had their cars set ablaze.

“This land is abandoned by the state. As if they were waiting for someone to lose his life before they take action, national institutions are turning a deaf ear to the tragic criminal situation of Ardea”, complains Giustini, who said he is not supported by the local police forces. “Only the new chief of Frascati, Lieutenant Colonel Magrini, gave me support. This is why I feel betrayed by my country, because I served it for more than 30 years, but now I am not protected by it,” he says. Statements of solidarity have been issued by the mayor of Ardea, Luca di Fiori and some local political figures.

Giovanni Salzano reported in the newspaper Messaggero last 3 October: “The Carabinieri of the team of Anzio, coordinated by Major Ugo Floccher, are investigating the fire and are not speculating on its nature (nothing has been found near the car that could have triggered the fire). On the contrary, they are focusing on personal reasons that could have provoked such a gesture, not giving too much importance to Walter Giustini’s past in the Carabinieri force (Giustini, they believe, retired too long ago) or to his political activity (still at its early beginnings)”.

“We are not excluding any theory”, Major Ugo Floccher tells Ossigeno. “We believe that the hypothesis of an attack linked to his past activity in the police is less important because he retired 9 years ago. It has not been confirmed yet if it was arson or an accidental fire, only the investigations will lead us to the truth. In any case, we will try to increase the security for him”, says Floccher.

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