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Defamation. House arrest for Francesco Gangemi

Granted by the court to the journalist 79 years old after the request of lawyers. The reactions

Francesco Gangemi, the journalist 79 years old, Editor in Chief of Il dibattito jailed on October 5th after being convicted of libel, got house arrest, after the judge of the court responsible for Reggio Calabria Daniela Tortorella has accepted the claim of the defenders of the journalist, Lorenzo Gatto and Giuseppe Lupis.

Gangemi’s lawyers have now asked the Court of Appeal of Catania for the annulment of the order of incarceration. The journalist, sick and disabled, had been arrested for a two-year sentence for defamation aggravated by the press and had not requested the ability to serve the sentence with alternative measures, even if lawyers claim they have already submitted a request for access to alternative measures long time ago for a previous concurrent sentences formalized by the Prosecutor of Cosenza.

FNSI – The release of Gangemi “should be greeted with human relief” the National Federation of the Press wrote in a note.

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