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Defamation. The Chamber must approve the reform. Ossigeno appeal to Laura Boldrini

Ossigeno per l’Informazione calls on the President of the Chamber Laura Boldrini to take an initiative to bring before the House of Deputies the reform of libel law that appeared last August like a meteor in the work schedule “Change the law on defamation is more urgent than ever “, writes Alberto Spampinato , in an editorial published by Ossigeno per l’Informazione. “It is urgent to do this while other journalists go to jail, just as it did a year ago when the arrest of Alessandro Sallusti was greeted with outrage. In this last year  nothing has changed. Other journalists have been sentenced to prison and others risk to being arrested. Parliament must intervene. You can not expect that the President of the Republic, in the spirit of justice and to save face Italy, is again forced to do by himself what ‘d be an assignment of the Parliament”, Spampinato said. “May be the Chamber can’t find the time to approve a bill of a few articles? We ask the President of the Chamber Laura Boldrini : make a work of clarification , push to put the rule on the calendar, as it deserves “, Spampinato affirmed.

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