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Journalist convincted for defamation: he criticized the mayor

Rino Giacalone was sentenced by the Trapani court (Sicily) to pay a compensation of 25 thousand euro to the former mayor of the city – from www.liberainformazione.it

From www.liberainformazione.it – The journalist Rino Giacalone has been sentenced by the Trapani court (Sicily) to pay compensation of 25,000 € to the former mayor of the city, Girolamo Fazio.

He was convicted because of an article that the journalist from Trapani, also contributor to several magazines, including Libera Informazione, Articolo21, Narcomafie and il Fatto Quotidiano, published in 2007 on the website of the association for the freedom of expression, “Articolo21 – Free to”. The Judge Giovanni Campisi considered defamatory some passages in the text where Giacalone told facts and background of non- conferral of honorary citizenship to former prefect Fulvio Sodano, engaged for a long time on a company confiscated to Virga, boss of Trapani.

The local Assostampa (the journalists trade union), is civil party in the trial, at the side of the reporter, called to support the legal costs together with Giacalone. READ MORE on Liberainformazione

SOLIDARITY – To Giacalone, together with the solidarity already expressed by Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafias, it is the solidarity of Ossigeno per l’Informazione.

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Tradotto da Rossella Ricchiuti – Leggi in italiano: Giornalista condannato per diffamazione: criticò il sindaco

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