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Sicily. Four people arrested for attacking a cameraman from TeleJato TV

Cameraman Fabio Bono, a collaborator with the TV broadcast company TeleJato, was punched in the face after being threatened for having filmed on the street a man who should have been under house arrest. The cameraman was insulted, threatened and beaten on October 24 in the town of Borgetto (Palermo) while filming the site of a street accident. The four suspects, all local residents, were stopped by the local post of the Carabinieri after two days and released.

THE ATTACK: The father of one of the people involved in the accident was on site even though he was under house arrest: Once aware he was being filmed, he reacted by insulting and threatening the camera operator, who tried to reach his car in order to leave. However, the youngest of the group of four reached him and struck him in the face before leaving. He is now accused of personal injury, and, along with the three other men, of the crimes of insults and threats.

Bono was admitted to the hospital of Partinico where he was given ten days of recovery due to his contusion. After the incident, the cameraman and the broadcast company received many messages of solidarity, including from Ossigeno, says Pino Maniàci, director of TeleJato.

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