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Consob gets records of reporters. FNSI: “Disturbing”

Unions concerned after the public prosecutors’ office of Milan publicly released the phone records of two reporters from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica

Those phone records were demanded by the Consob (the Italian commission of companies and stock exchange) in order to verify the sources behind economic reports by the two journalists Giovanni Pons and Vittoria Puledda. The public release of the records, which the Italian Press Federation called disturbing and worrisome, was made known last 8 November by the newspapers Corriere della Sera and Il Fatto Quotidiano. The two Repubblica journalists had investigated the merger of two insurance companies, Unipol and FonSai, and had criticized the job done by the Consob.

The Union of Journalists in a statement noted that the Consob does not have any supervisory authority over journalistic activity, control repeatedly found by the Court of Strasbourg as a violation of human rights. This publication of the records, said the Union of Journalists, is an intrusive action on a professional activity and even on the personal lives of the two journalists. The Union concludes that if the principle of the secrecy of journalistic sources is not respected the Union will act in order to have it respected.

Similarly, other Italian associations for the protection of journalists and consumers, such as Assostampa Romana, Federconsumatori and Adusbef, are concerned that the actions of the Consob evidently limit the freedom of information and the confidentiality of journalistic sources. In their view, these rights must be protected because all citizens have the right to access information freely.


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