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Libel. The imprisonment of Francesco Gangemi is over

The 79 years old journalist was under house arrest and is now a free man. He was arrested because of a libel charge

Mr. Francesco Gangemi, editor of the periodical Il Dibattito, was arrested last October 6th to serve a two-year sentence in prison for aggravated defamation through the press. The Prosecution of Catania ordered an end to the house arrest, which had been granted on October 11th by the Probate Court of Reggio Calabria.

According to Mr. Carlo Parisi, vice-secretary of the National Press Federation and Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Calabria, “everything that was right and proper to do” has been done. “The prosecutor’s office has finally put back the pieces of an absurd story”, he added.

It is a decision that “bodes well for the near future, since in a democratic and civilized country such as ours, changes to the laws regulating libel and defamation through public media ought to be approved. A journalist who commits a crime, such as defaming someone, should be punished of course. But with a fine, not with jail time”, a note from the FNSI concludes.

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