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Mp Mara Carfagna to sue: “Unacceptable violence by Il Fatto Quotidiano”

The MP said that she “will drag to court anyone who throws mud on my back”, following an article in which an anonymous person talks about the MP’s presence at some of Mr. Berlusconi’s parties
Ms. Mara Carfagna is the Forza Italia group spokesman in the Chamber of Deputies, and has announced that she will pursue a legal action against the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, after publishing on December 7th an interview (B. and 600 thousand undeclared euros for the castle) where one anonymous source tells the authors, Ms. Valeria Pacelli and Mr. Nello Trocchia, that the MP had attended some parties held by Silvio Berlusconi at the castle of Torcrescenza near Rome.

“I will take these people to court and I will do so knowing that no court will be able to give me back what I have endured and what I have had to put up with. It has been five years since Il Fatto Quotidiano, through blitzes and slander, began validating the theory that those who have made​​ different political choices belong to despicable categories devoid of morality. I tried to ‘defend’ myself through my work, but Il Fatto’s stance is an unacceptable violence that tends to delegitimize for the umpteenth time my reputation and my dignity”, Ms. Carfagna said.

“I’ve never been to Arcore – she added – as I testified before a court in Milan, nor have I ever attended dinners in the castle of Torcrescenza. Except once, when there were many other MPs. It would have sufficed to interview me, as all serious journalists who want to uncover the truth do”.

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