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Mr. Fede charged with a fine and reparation damages for libel

The former director of TG4 news will have to pay €10k in fines and €40k in interim awards for statements made in 2011. The prosecutor had also asked for 8 months of prison

Mr. Emilio Fede was sentenced on November 4th by the court of Turin to pay a €10k fine for aggravated libel against the Moroccan model Ms. Imane Fadil. The monocratic judge, Ms. Ivana Pane, has also awarded to the young Ms. Fadil a €40k interim award while waiting for the final settlement. The prosecutor, Mr. Simone Vettoretti, asked for 8 months imprisonment.

The story dates back to September 17th, 2011 when, during an editorial aired on the TG4’s evening news, the former director accused the model of trying to extort €50k Euros in exchange for silence over dinners at Arcore (MB) at the residence of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: circumstances which turned out to be untrue.

“For a year I participated at the Arcore dinners, always accompanied by Mr. Fede, since I was promised a place at Milan Channel. But I’ve never taken part to any feast”, the model told the courtroom. The lawyers of the young Moroccan girl from Turin have asked for €300k in compensation.

Mr. Fede had already been convicted last summer to a seven-year prison sentence for favoring and inducing prostitution by the Milan court during the “Ruby 2” trial, in which Ms. Imane Fadil was among the plaintiffs and was seeking for €2m in damage reparations.

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