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Threats. Apulia. “Get out or get some”. Condemnation from Assostampa

Mr Michele Oggiano was forced to move away while documenting the extinguishing of a fire in Conversano. The union has asked to “shed light on the event”
“Are you from Fax? It’s better if you get away, or you’ll get some!” are the words that Mr Michael Oggiano, a journalist for Fax Online – a local information portal in the province of Bari – was being thrown at by a stranger on Wednesday, November 20th as he tried to record with his phone’s camera the arson raging in the industrial area of Conversano.

“It happened at around 11 o’clock at night”, says the reporter. “The fire broke out half an hour before in the headquarters of International Sound, a company that manages and rents stages and show spaces. When I arrived, there were a lot of people, I made my way through and started recording with my cell phone. At one point, a man about 35 years old told me to stop with an aggressive tone”, he told Ossigeno.

The reporter was able to document the man’s words. “At that moment I lowered the camera, but I continued to shoot and I was thus able to record what he told me”, he continues.

After the verbal aggression, Oggiano shifted slightly and continued documenting the fire-fighting operation conducted by the Fire Department of the provincial command of Bari.

The journalist and his newspaper have chosen not to report the incident to the police.

Assostampa Puglia has expressed solidarity with the journalist of Fax Online, condemning the incident of intimidation. “The union of journalists in Puglia”, a statement said, “hopes that the relevant authorities will shed light on the incident, acquiring the available images and ensuring those responsible to justice”.

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