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Friuli. Udinese Football Club: a reporter attacked in the press room

Mr Mattia Pertoldi was insulted and hit by the Brazilian midfielder Maicosuel, angry about an article on his private life

On January 6th, at the end of the match Udinese – Verona that finished 3-1 for the guest team, in the press room of the “Friuli” stadium, Mr Mattia Pertoldi, collaborator of the Messaggero Veneto, was insulted and hit in the face with a slap by Mr Maicosuel Reginaldo de Matos, a Brazilian midfielder of the home team.

The motive of the act is related to the publication of an article, appeared on January 5th, in which the journalist recounts the personal issues of the player that had already published by some newspapers in Brazil.

“You have to stop writing about my private life”, Maicosuel told the reporter before attacking him at the end of the press conference. Mr Pertoldi, who sued to be the former press secretary of the Udinese FC, has decided not to report the incident.

Immediately after the incident, Mr Franco Collavino and Mr Cristiano Geretta, general manager and sporting director of Udinese FC respectively, have phoned the journalist apologizing on behalf of the whole club for the behavior of the player, announcing that Maicosuel would have done the same in person within a few days, in front of Mr Pertoldi and his companions before the afternoon training session.

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