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Insults to journalists during pro-Stamina press conference

Information professionals, doctors and scientists accused of spreading lies about the non-accredited method. “ We are ready to sue”, supporters say

“Murderers. Ignoramuses. Colluders with the organized crime” are some of the adjectives used against journalists on the 28th of December by the stage of the press conference at Rome’s Hotel Nazionale by supporters of the Stamina method, which is based on the use of stem cells to treat neurodegenerative diseases but which is not accredited by the scientific community due to the lack of validation through standard procedures. Accusations also for the doctors and scientists who have spoken out against this therapy.

Among the supporters of the method, several parents who say they have noticed an improvement in their children undergoing the treatment, and claim the right to keep on having the possibility continuing to use the same care method. A right that is currently denied.

“Too much misinformation especially in recent days. We are sure to be on the side of truth, and we will begin to send lawsuits against journalists who write falsehoods”, Mr. Felice Massaro, one of the organizers of the press conference, said.

On top of journalists and media workers, among the accused of spreading lies and misinformation there are also scientists, physicians and the health minister Ms. Beatrice Lorenzin, even after the Spitals of Brescia – who analyzed medical records of 36 patients undergoing treatment – gave a negative opinion on the effectiveness of the treatment.

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