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Mehari in Bruxelles. Schulz: “Mr. Siani is an example of dignity”

The President of the European Parliament at an exposition in Belgium said: “you are not alone, the fight against crime involves the whole of Europe”

After the upper echelons of Italian institutions got in the car of Giancarlo Siani, the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, also joined them. Here is his speech (and in Video).

“Thank you for this trip, for bringing the Mehari from Naples to Brussels: this car is a symbol. A symbol of the fight against the Camorra, the Mafia, and organized crime, a struggle not only in Italy but in all of Europe, against such powers that are an obstacle to social cohesion and that undermine the foundations of our society. The fight against crime involves the whole of Europe. It is a European battle. It does not happen only in Naples, or Rome, or Berlin, or Paris, but throughout Europe. And this bright green car, coming from Naples to Brussels, symbolizes this, and thanks again for having coming here.

For me, this occasion is also important because I, too, have a son of the same age of Giancarlo. And if on the one hand this is yet another reason for admiring and honouring the courage of such a young man, on the other I cannot help to feel sad at the death of what is still a boy. The spiritual and intellectual legacy that Giancarlo Siani left us, teaches us to fight against the abuses on values and dignity, which are the forces that give life and strength to our society.

The battle against the Mafia, the Camorra, the Sacra Corona Unita and other terrible criminal organizations is supported one hundred per cent by the European institutions. Therefore, all you who are here and who struggle against these organizations in your country do not feel alone. You can always count on us, as we are counting on you. You are not alone.”

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