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Mr. Bertazzoni: “Another attack before Palazzo Grazioli”

The journalist of Servizio Pubblico to Ossigeno: “They beat me and my cameraman during a No-Tav demonstration”

He’s still thinking about whether or not denounce the attacker, Mr Salvatore Lezzi, who on  November 27th in front of Palazzo Grazioli hit him and insulted him after being asked why he was wearing a Celtic cross. Meanwhile, Mr Luca Bertazzoni, a reporter for Servizio Pubblico (which is a debate and information show aired on the LA7 TV channel), tells Ossigeno that this is not the first incident of violence that he has suffered in his career.

THE PRECEDENT – “I had already happened to me a month ago, during a No-Tav demonstration in Rome” he says. While the protesters were heading towards the Termini train station, they clashed with a group of youths who was presiding over their headquarters “Casa Pound” armed with batons, stones and bottles. When Mr Bertazzoni got closer with his cameraman, Mr Roberto Pierbattisti, some youths of the far-right group ordered them to leave, hitting the camera with a strap that also wounded the journalist’s arm.

“They tried to get us away because they did not want to be shot by the camera, but maybe also because they might have recognized me as the author of a report in which I showed that during the meetings made ​​within the social centre of Roma Area 19, the boys of Casa Pound practice the Roman salute”.

Ossigeno per l’Informazione expresses its solidarity with Mr Bertazzoni and Mr Pierbattisti for the incident.

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