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Turin. Spied for two years, Massimo Numa from La Stampa

A video was received in which movements of him and his wife are shown. The Prosecutor of Turin is investigating

Mr Massimo Numa, a reporter for the daily La Stampa, had already been threatened on several occasions in the past and has been placed under protection. However, on January 7th he received an anonymous email with a video showing his and his wife’s movements dating from the last two years. The Prosecutor of Turin has started the investigation.

In the clip, which opens and closes with an image depicting the hammer and sickle, Mr Numa and his wife are shown around and outside of their home, it is possible to read their cars’ license plates, their address and telephone number. The dates and times of the footage are also recorded. The video has also been sent to editors from other newspapers – as corriere.it reports – and it ends, after a series of insults, with a phrase referring to the Epiphany: “don’t forget! go bring your coal little Max.”

THE INVESTIGATION – The investigation has been entrusted to the Deputy Attorneys Mr Andrea Padalino and Mr Antonio Rinaudo. Mr Numa was being spied on a few days ago when he was speaking in a public park near his house with the MP of the Democratic Party Mr Stefano Esposito, as a note accompanied by three Molotov cocktails and delivered to the politician revealed. “You and your boyfriend were simply beautiful sitting by on the bench at the park. We want to see you so”, the note said.

PAST THREATS – Mr Numa, who usually deals in local news, public order, and the protests against the High Speed Train Line Turin-Lyon (TAV), had received in October 2013 bomb package in the mail, which was fortunately intercepted before it could explode. Following that episode, he was assigned to police protection. In the past few days, as corriere.it reports, some paper bombs had been dropped in the garden of his house on the outskirts of Turin.

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