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Defamation. The daily Libero ordered to compensate Coop Lombardia

Mr Gianluigi Nuzzi, Mr David Giacalone and the director will have to pay €100’000 for articles on an alleged case of corporate espionage in a manner detrimental to privacy policies

The journalists of the daily Libero Mr Gianluigi Nuzzi and Mr David Giacalone, as well as the director Mr Maurizio Belpietro, were sentenced on January 23rd by the Court of Milan compensate Coop Lombardia for €100’000 for a series of articles, deemed libellous, published by the newspaper in January 2010.

Those reports, signed by Nuzzi and Giacalone, described an alleged initiative by Coop Lombardia time to “spy” on its employees through illegal tools and methods that harmed the rights and privacy of all its employees.

The Court has, moreover, ordered the publication of the judgment in the newspaper Il Giornale at the expense of the editorial cooperative Libero and the director Mr Maurizio Belpietro, together with the obligation to cover the court proceedings costs, calculated to €5’400.

Mr Nuzzi and Mr Giacalone will also have to pay out the first €20’000 and €4’000 respectively as financial compensation.

In March 2012, the Court of Busto Arsizio had already recognized the defamatory nature of the articles, condemning the journalists of Libero, the director Mr Maurizio Belpietro and Mr Alberto Rancarani, owner of a company of investigative technologies, to a payment of €25’000, in addition to the costs of the dispute and caring for the publication of the judgment’s decisions. RR

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