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Defamation. To court for a “like” on Facebook

A man from Parma will be tried for having approved a comment on Facebook in a feud between two women who had worked with him on a project

One “like”, one simple click on a Facebook comment is likely to cost a conviction for complicity in aggravated defamation. This is the crime, punishable with a sentence between six months and three years of jail or a fine, for which the prosecutor of Parma asked a few days ago to go to trial.

He who is responsible for the click would be guilty of having given its approval, on another profile’s timeline page, to a comment deemed offensive in a heated argument that broke out between two women. The two had collaborated on a project that involved the man. Then, between them, arguments and disagreements broke out, spilling over onto the social networks.

During one of these arguments, one of the two contenders considered herself defamed by a comment, and as such filed a complaint so as to prosecute not only the author of the comment in question, but also those who, with a simple “Like”, had expressed their support. The story has been told by the Gazzetta di Parma. ROM

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