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In a 2011 letter, No-Tav envisaged actions against “La Stampa”

He was planning a campaign of denigration against the Turin daily “guilty” of reporting the clashes

In 2011, a member of the Committee of Popular Struggle of Bussoleno (in the province of Turin), wrote to the leaders of the No-TAV movement of the Valley of Susa, proposing a response plan to the articles dedicated to the subject published by La Stampa. First came a request for a meeting with the management to ask it to distance itself from the articles of Mr Massimo Numa and other journalists. Otherwise, it said, the smear campaign will start striking at the newspaper’s credibility. The daily Libero tells the story in an article by Mr Giacomo Amadori published on January 22nd.

Without revealing the identity of the author of the document, the article says that even at the time, among others, the reporter Massimo Numa (who is not mentioned directly, but who is easily identifiable), was disliked by some activists. Later, as recounted on several occasions by Ossigeno, he will enter the crosshairs of antagonist groups, so much so that he has to live today under police protection.

The strategy suggested by the activist is divided into two phases. In the first, a lightweight approach is called for. A talking table with the news room executives, the editors, is proposed (the manager Mr Mario Calabresi, Mr Guido Tiberga and Mr Massimo Gramellini). “If the news room will perform self-criticism, we will accuse only a few journalists of some serious action of provocation, deconstruction and incorrect reconstruction of the truth”, as is written in the letter. “Otherwise we will find the whole newspaper guilty and highlight how all the reports have been reconstructed, and as such how the paper is not credible.”

And the letter goes on about how it will all be possible by presenting recourses to the Order of Journalists, press conferences, and leafleting actions and to a network of journalists and radios that the author claims to be able to involve. LDP

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